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How to Force Uninstall a Computer Program Or Application You Cannot Uninstall

January 4th, 2021

It has been a universal issue: people cannot uninstall programs they don’t like or need through Windows Add/Remove and startup menu. If you have become one of them, in the following article I will tell you how to force uninstall a program when the Windows uninstall wizard does not work on your computer. But first, I would like to explain the process during installation.

There are a few processes to complete the installation of a program. First, the specific files or information of a program will be read and transferred to somewhere inside the computer system. Mostly, they are transferred to Program Files folder and Common Files. After that, the installer will make some changes inside the Windows registry. The Windows Registry is a core center where all the settings for programs and for Windows itself are stored.

After this is done, a key is added to the Windows registry and Windows Add/Remove Programs list which looks for installed programs for Windows users. Besides, during the installation, all the processes are registered in a special file, such as, setup.log. The file is usually put inside the application’s folder to complement the uninstall wizard. That’s why users can remove programs or applications through Add/Remove Tool.

However, if the setup file that in charge of the installation is broken, the uninstaller brought by the program itself will not be able to undo the recorded changes after the installation. In other words, the uninstaller will fail to uninstall the program through Add or Remove Programs. Then, what to do to force uninstall the all the files and registry keys of the program?